Tips for Shipping/Receiving Goods

To minimize loss or damage in transit, it is important that your company follow some simple steps in its shipping and receiving functions.


  1. Ensure that your product is properly packaged and protected in such a manner that it withstands the rigors of commercial transport. Paying a little bit more for packaging or crating will save in the long run by minimizing or eliminating claims and loss sales due to damaged product. Custom shrink wrap with your company logo printed on it would help identify if a skid has been tampered with. For high value goods using a non-see through shrink-wrap maybe advisable. Be sure to properly label each piece with clear identification of shipper and consignee addresses.

  2. If possible, be sure to note the actual piece count that you are shipping out. Example – if you have 24 boxes on 1 skid, and the BOL only says “1 skid”, your customer may receive “1 skid” and sign that it was accepted with no problems, even if the skid only contained 23 boxes upon delivery. Although the driver may not enjoy counting each piece of the shipment, make sure that he/she does so in your presence and initials that he/she received said piece count.

  3. When exporting, please make sure that the driver is provided with 3 copies of the customs paperwork and notes on the BOL that he received them. If there are no conflicts with the consignee seeing a copy of the export documents, then a copy should be attached to the skid/crate in a sealed envelope labeled “Customs Documents”. Please hold onto a copy of the export documents in case they are required if any of the above get misplaced.


  1. Be sure to check the piece count and condition of the entire shipment upon arrival. If there is no indication at the time of delivery of any loss and/or damage to the shipment, the carrier will decline liability. Even if the driver is in a hurry, it is in your best interest to ensure that you are receiving exactly what it says on the delivery receipt. If delivery receipt indicates 1 skid please note that you received 1 skid containing 24 boxes.

  2. If the shipment is delivered damaged or has missing pieces, clearly make a note of this on the delivery receipt and then sign it. If possible, take a photo of the damaged shipment. Please discontinue the unpacking of the shipment and retain all packaging for inspection. Immediately call your MC Freight Representative for instructions on how to submit a claim and request an inspection.

  3. A formal Claim must be filed promptly and without delay. Your Claim is subject to legal time limits from the date of delivery, and depending on the circumstances can be time barred. Most Carriers’ Conditions of Carriage require that a formal claim be filed within 60 days from the date of delivery. The Conditions of Carriage vary by Carrier. Please check the Carrier’s in question Conditions of Carriage for exact time limits. The claimant must keep all salvage and retain all packaging until the carrier’s liability has been established.