How Green is Your Supply Chain?

Conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprint are integral in ensuring that we are contributing to a sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. When thinking of reducing your carbon footprint it’s important to analyze all aspects of your life and business. One of the ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint is by changing the way you ship products.


  • In the United States, transportation emission sources account for nearly 1/3 of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 380 litres of diesel fuel consumed by an engine emits approximately 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Intermodal transportation allows you to combine the flexibility of truck transport with the greener mode of rail transport.
  • A single double stack container train can replace 280 trucks, and afford as much as nine times the fuel efficiency of container transport by highway.
  • For shipments over 1,000 miles, Intermodal transport can cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 65% compared to a truck only move.
  • Intermodal shipping can reduce your freight bills by as much as 45% compared to truck-only transport.

    Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By re-evaluating your supply chain and using intermodal transport you are making a positive change for our environment. You can contribute to the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions and lower your company’s carbon footprint. If you would like to learn about intermodal shipping, ask MC Freight how.