Case Study - Supply Chain Cost Management


REBEL Pi, is a newly launched UK drinks brand founded by London-based entrepreneur and current UK Apprentice candidate, Jackie Fast. REBEL Pi’s goal is to showcase and distribute British Columbian ice wine to the UK market.

Supply Chain Management Challenge:
MC Freight was presented with extremely tight timelines to align the cargo’s earliest shipping date from the Okanagan (late September), with the product’s launch and massive media event in London just days later. The product (ice wine) is a controlled substance and because of this, regulatory hurdles put additional pressure on the already tight timeline.

Supply Chain Management Goal:
MC Freight offered the client creative options to overcome some of the regulatory hurdles that jeopardized having the shipment delivered on time.

Supply Chain Management Result:
MC Freight advised the client of the benefits of utilizing both air and ocean transport. This not only ensured that just the right amount of the product needed for the event was delivered on time but also ensured the balance of the cargo could move at a more economical rate. The MC Freight team also took the opportunity to educate the client about international shipping and customs best practices to help guide them as their business grows.

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