Our Focus

    Of course we make sure that your cargo gets from A to B, on time and on budget. But we do     more than that. We’ve been in business for almost 30 years because we are driven to provide     superior and personalized service that most carriers simply aren’t prepared to offer     themselves.

Our Vision:

    Our vision is to change the way businesses think about their supply chain, by creating personal     relationships based on honesty and trust.

Our Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to be Western Canada’s leading logistics company.

    We want to build incredible relationships with our clients, by ensuring that we give them the     resources of a large logistics company and the experience of a caring family business.

    We want to build win-win relationships with our carriers, by being true to our word, and     generating good business in good faith.

    To do this, we recruit the industry’s most talented, energetic, and motivated people; and     provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow as people and as logistics experts.

Our Objectives:

    By providing expertise, guidance, and value, we will work together to help our clients gain a     competitive advantage through their supply chain.

    By providing honesty, reliability, and fairness, we will build long-lasting relationships with our     carriers.


MC Freight exists because your time is valuable.

Sure you could employ a freight forwarder, an LTL trucking company, a truckload carrier, an intermodal company, and a small parcel courier company. But how much time will you spend chasing each of them for answers? How fragmented will your supply chain be? Are you really getting the best rate with any of them? With MC Freight, we collaborate with you to design a customized supply chain model that takes advantage of lower transit times, improved communication, and ultimately lower costs. Working with one logistics partner will save you time, and give you full shipment visibility from pickup to delivery.


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